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Website Protection

Choose billing cycle:
  • protection against all kind of flood attacks
  • caching of static content
  • simple management
  • free SSL certificate for domains/subdomains
  • custom loading pages
€25.00 EUR Monthly

Anti-DDoS Tunnel

Choose billing cycle:
  • Description: Standard tunnel end-points to a nearby BlazingFast Security Cloud to connect your Anti-DDoS equipment. Through an encapsulated BGP session you will advertise end-user attacked subnet whenever downstream or equipment capacity is overwhelmed by an attack. Security Cloud will “hijack” the affected subnet's incoming traffic, mitigated for DDoS with a 700Gbps capacity and sent to you through the tunnel. Traffic exiting your network is never rerouted.

  • Purpose: Protect against edge-network bandwidth overrun. Have the choice to use in-house Anti-DDoS equipment or to choose a full mitigation, up to Layer7.

  • Internet Bandwidth: 10Gbps Connection on our End.

  • Traffic Included: Unlimited Clean Traffic in 100Mbps increments.

  • Anti-DDoS Specs: 700Gbps UDP, TCP and GRE line-rate transparent filtering and mitigation for any known type of attack. Layer7 filtering through reverse-proxy technology.
€250.00 EUR Monthly + €50.00 EUR Setup Fee

Protected TCP

Choose billing cycle:
  • 980Gbps Firewall
  • up to 3 tcp ports
  • Protection on ALL Attack Layers
  • 1x Backend Server
€30.00 EUR Monthly €85.00 EUR Quarterly €160.00 EUR Semi-Annually €300.00 EUR Annually

Custom ACL rules

Choose billing cycle:
  • ACL rules across all our network
€70.00 EUR Monthly €200.00 EUR Quarterly €400.00 EUR Semi-Annually €700.00 EUR Annually