How can I close a port or restrict access to it? How does the "firewall" section work?

By default all inbound traffic is allowed to the ports in the range 1-65535 . We will give some examples that would clarify this question :

1. Let's say you want to close tcp ports 80 and 443 , in this case, you need to delete the old rule for tcp traffic that allows entire traffic and add the following :

“Ingress” Tcp “CIDR”: Port range: 0-79
“Ingress” Tcp “CIDR”: Port range: 81-442
“Ingress” Tcp “CIDR”: Port range: 444-65535

In this case, 80 and 443 tcp ports will be closed for inbound traffic.

2. Let's say you need to restrict access to mysql for multiple ip addresses , mysql uses port 3306 . As the first step, you need to remove the rule allowing access to all ports
"Ingress tcp 0-65535" , then add the following :

Ingress Tcp 0-3305
Ingress Tcp 3307-65535
Ingress Tcp 3306-3306
Ingress Tcp 3306-3306

In this case, the access to port 3306 is closed for all incoming requests, except for subnets and Pretty simple? Yes? If not, ask our support! We are always ready to help you with this stuff!

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