Domain Registration - .RU

In order to proceed the domain registration it's required some personal details. Successful domain registration requires --> For Private individuals: VAT number (optional) Mobile phone Birth date Passport / ID number Passport / ID series (if not present, put a placehollder) Passport / ID issuer organization Passport / ID issue date First name Middle name (optional) Last name Postal address ---> For Legal entities: VAT number or company registration number Company name with clearly stated type (B.V., LLC, etc) Mobile phone Company legal address Company postal address Verifying mobile phone number via RCP or API NB: Registration not possible on Mon - Fri 14:00 - 15:00 UTC, see technical details section below for more information. NB: Russia based entities must supply company / person name in both Cyrillic and Latin variants. For non-Russia based entities it's allowed to fill only Latin names and paste them in Cyrillic fields NB: .ru / .рф domains have special whois statuses: REGISTERED - indicates, that domain is registered DELEGATED / NOT DELEGATED - indicates, whether domain has nameservers assigned VERIFIED / UNVERIFIED - indicates, whether domain owner is verified. Verification can be performed by sending owner's scanned copy of ID / passport or business certificate to Openprovider support

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